Life and Teachings of Masters of the Far East

If you are like me, you may have loads of books you still have intentions to read, but time keeps escaping you to read them. Gaining the upper-hand on this problem, I have begun purchasing audiobooks. Since I travel via car often, it seems logical, and the voices I am listening to give an extra added benefit – most of the time.

The Life and Teachings of Masters of the Far East was recommended to me by my friend and financial advisor, whom some of you know. She is an incredibly intelligent, kind, and soulful human with a background in naturopathy. She has provided me peace around finances in a way I didn’t know was possible, and I trust her to look out for my best interests. Speaking of interests, we have similar ones, and she was raving about this book one day. I conveyed that between my studies to become an Osteopath and all the other commitments I had, that I “ain’t got no time for that” like Sweet Brown, and asked if there was an alternative to the physical book set. She had also listened to the audiobook, and said it provided a good grasp of the material.

Well, that was all I needed to be compelled to log in to my Amazon account and pick up this reasonably priced jewel at roughly $20 plus shipping (except I share Prime with a friend, so I don’t fool around with shipping costs).
This audiobook provides an inspiring account of Baird Spalding and ten other researchers into the Himalayas in 1894 (at a time when Osteopathy in America was beginning to take root) to translate records of protected teachings. This 6 volume set is condensed to a few audio cd’s to provide the essence of the teachings. Even though this does not contain all the important aspects, it only took a few hours to listen to, and I *actually* read it (since I just had to click a button when I was driving).

“This book is a must read for all who desire a deeper understanding of the universal patterns borne out of the laws of science, life, and spirituality.” – C. Armes Gauthier


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