Prepping for my ‘Last Hurrah”

I’ve looked at lists and better lists and gleaned a bit of insight into what I really need to bring. I have seen that medical school starts before medical school starts (thanks to the email of several assignments that are due on the first day). I understand I should have filled out my FAFSA earlier because now I will be applying for scholarships and loans while in a timezone 14 hours ahead of the one I currently reside in. In fact, I am so organized, that I have it all planned out: from my truck prep to travel cross-country to my laminated documents and researched options of things to do in Thailand – even down to already knowing which 13 (exactly 13) button down shirts I will take with me to move and begin medical school. It sure as hell doesn’t feel like organization. It feels like an obsessive (and not-so-seductive) muse of the never-ending to do list with a time urgency similar to that of a water-breaking pregger with twins.

Now that you have a picture of my current state of affairs, it won’t surprise you to learn that I’m stressed out AF. But, not to worry, because I leave in 5 days and everything will be fine.

Then, I’m back for just long enough to (hopefully) finish the mods to my truck (big shout out to my buddies in Oaktown!) including water tightening and platform building – some sound deadening installed in the cab cuz people can’t even hear me on the headphones now – to head down to the best party in the desert of PS. Then I turn around after that’s put away, spend LITERALLY a few hours at home before getting into a different car and driving up to see my sister graduate, coming back down – and – drumroll: spending less than half the week at home (long enough to pack up my things into the truck) to head down to SD and pick up some precious cargo on the way to the cross-country road trip for medical school.


And actually, most of the Thailand stuffs are things I have been very on top of. It’s the timing of everything else that is a little shifty and frankly, semi-shitty. But, no matter. I will make due. Amor Fati, after all (wikipedia has a good page for this Latin concept, but you can look it up. This one was more exciting to me).



Oh, and I’ll be gone in Thailand for a month and a half, so look for updates.



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